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How to keep Desktop Computer ON during Power Outages

How to keep Desktop Computer ON during Power Outages

Power outages… haven’t we all experienced them. It so happens that we went through Stage 6 “Load Shedding” recently. This means we did not have electricity for a total of seven and a half hours every day for an entire week. Bad, hey?

As far as work is concerned I just needed to keep my desktop computer working. How did I solve the problem? I purchased an Inverter. If you need to keep many appliances working during a power outage then you might need a larger Inverter or even a generator but those come with a hefty price tag. In my particular case the Inverter I got keeps my desktop computer going for over 12 hours… twelve hours and the Inverter still had 10% load – amazing!

I prefer a desktop to a laptop for the following reasons: Processor – desktop processors are larger and this means that desktop processors are usually more powerful than laptop processors; Internal storage – desktop computers can have multiple internal storage drives installed; Keyboard – desktops can make use of full-size keyboards, including a number pad; Screen size – desktop monitors can be 19″ or larger; Upgrading – most components in a desktop are removable, making it easier to upgrade. Desktop cases are larger, providing more room inside to add and remove hardware, use tools, and organize cables; Repair – repairing a desktop computer is generally easier because most of the hardware can be purchased off the shelf at any local computer retail store.


For work purposes I needed an Inverter that would keep the following working all the time:

  • Desktop computer
  • LED monitor (computer screen)
  • Wifi router (to access the internet)
  • Desk lamp

What I Particularly Like about this Inverter

  • the battery lasts more than 12 hours
  • neatly packed with housing and wheels – you can easily move it around
  • the possibility of connecting inverter to a solar panel for further energy savings
  • generators produce smoke (carbon monoxide is deadly) and can be noisy (never use a generator indoors) – inverters do not produce smoke. Inverters are silent.

How Much Power does a Computer Use?

A complete desktop uses an average of 200 Watt hours (Wh). This is the sum of the average consumption per hour of the computer itself (171 W), the internet modem (10 W), the printer (5 W) and the loudspeakers (20 W).

How much Power do Laptops and Desktop Computers use in Sleep Mode?

5-10 watts.

The typical laptop uses 15-60 watts of energy when in use – and just 2 in sleep mode. The typical desktop and monitor consume 80-320 watts when in use, but just 5-10 watts in sleep mode.

Specifications of the Inverter I am Now Using

My friend Jason Adriaanzen (electrician) recommended the 680Watt Solar Inverter Trolley Chadha Power 12V.

How Long does the Battery Last?

The battery on this Inverter lasts 1500 (on thousand five hundred) cycles. Today I used the Inverter for 12 hours. That is 1 cycle.

Supplier and Electrician Contact Details

Invest Solar – Norwood

Juan (Mobile/ WhatsApp): 068 194 9729
77 Grant Avenue
Norwood, Johannesburg
010 025 0186

Jason Adriaanzen (Electrician)

082 521 7548


R7 400


  • Use a multi socket surge protector
  • Keep inverter plugged into socket/ solar panel
  • Add solar to save money on your utility bill.

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