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  1. Hi Tony, I really enjoyed you Sell Online with WordPress and WooCommerce lessons – very informative and will certainly help me to develop my site to a higher level!

  2. Thank you again. Today has been VERY helpful, and it’s deeply appreciated. Kathy Slamp

    1. Thank you so much Kathy. I am delighted to learn that the training was helpful. Your website is coming up very nicely and you have amazing content. I enjoy reading your blog posts. Much success.

  3. Thank you to Tony Sousa. I’m Kathy Slamp from the USA, and I have a Word Press blog titled: http://www.travelswithkathyslamp.com. I met Tony when my husband and I were doing volunteer work in Africa. He is an expert with Word Press and extremely patient with a novice like me. Originally in Africa he helped me set up my blog, and from a distance he continues to help. Today, for instance, he volunteered to set up a zoom meeting between S. Africa and Washington State. For well over one hour Tony helped me with my page. Although I will never have the Word Press knowledge he has, he helped me tremendously today, and I am so very grateful Thank you, Tony!

    1. Wow, very kind of you Kathy. I must say it has been a great pleasure giving you training. You are a fast learner. You travel the world and I love reading your blog posts. Best wishes!

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